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2019 Spring Cleaning: 6 Tips to Get You Through It

Spring has sprung and you know what that means! Spring Cleaning time! Okay, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world. But, we promise if you keep your eye on the prize (a fresh, clean, organized home) and follow our 6 Spring cleaning tips, you will be happy.

1. The early bird catches the worm

A big clean up means you really clean everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Get prepared to start the big cleaning project by moving all your movable furniture out of the way. Your goal is to make it so that there’s hardly anything on the floor. Yes, it sounds like a big pain to do it this way, but it really will make the job easier in the long run.

2. Divide and conquer

Of course, you want to clean the whole house and garage at once, just to get the project over with. But when you are overly ambitious, you actually end up doing a less thorough job.

Instead, divide your house in sections, like first floor, second floor, garden, garage, etc. Or go room by room if you want to break the project into even smaller chunks.

It’s important not to forget the garden, outdoor furniture and garage since, with warmer weather coming soon, you will be spending a lot of time outside.

3. Purge

As you clean, think about each and every item you come across. Make a list of the stuff you want to keep; what can be donated, sold, or thrown away; and what you do want but can be stored elsewhere (like at a storage facility) so you can declutter and free up much needed space.

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4. Be realistic and don’t forget to have fun

Although there are some strange folks out there who do, most people do not like cleaning. Which makes it hard for them to bring themselves to do it… especially when it’s a major project like the Spring cleaning overhaul.

We get it. But try not to be too pessimistic, and make it fun. Turn up the music and dance as you clean. You can also ask a friend to help, and in return you can help them clean their house. Double the fun!

When you are done, treat yourself. Get a massage or take yourself out for a nice dinner.

5. The 2019 big spring cleanup takes time and preparation is key

For a good, thorough Spring cleaning, you need to be prepared. A storage unit might be necessary if you have just too much stuff to clear out space to clean each room properly.

There are also a lot of cleaning products you’ll want to have on hand. Before you begin, take inventory of what cleaning products you already have. Think about what else you’ll need to get your house spic and span and make a shopping list. For just a bit of inspiration, here’s a small list of frequently used cleaning items for big cleanups:

• Vacuum cleaner & vacuum cleaner bags • Mop & pails • Garbage bags • Bathroom cleaners • Furniture cleaners • Kitchen cleaners • Paper towels • Bleach • Outdoor cleaners • Glass and window cleaners • Brooms & dust pans

6. Keep the momentum

When you are done, you are going to feel great. You will – really! Use that energy to commit to keeping a clean, uncluttered house. Anything you don’t use often, pack in moving boxes and store in your storage unit.

Don’t forget to clean up the mess you made after, packing and cleaning up and also check out our 7 green spring cleaning tips to help you get the job done in 2019.


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Happy Cleaning!

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