Critical Info For Those Going 'For Sale by Owner'
Why and How You'll Make at least 13% More By Working With A Real Estate Agent

In This Guide You'll Learn:

  • Buyer Qualification performed by an Agent

  • Buyer hesitations surrounding FSBO's

  • Why home selling is a full-time job

  • The need for professional marketing exposure

  • The need for professional comparative market analysis and expertise in market

  • The need for professional negotiation

  • The advantages of turn-key service offerings

  • The critical importance of proper pricing

  • Proven stats on how you make more working with an Agent

  • And more...

If you're currently selling your home 'For Sale By Owner' (FSBO) or considering such an undertaking, you must consider the challenges FSBO’s face in this market. 
Selling a house is simply too difficult of a task to take on without the help of an expert. 
90% of all real estate transactions occure with the help of an Agent and - ultimately - most FSBO’s eventually list and/or sell with the help of a Real Estate Professional.
Don't leave money on the table!   Download our White Paper to find out why and how you'll be more successful with an Agent. Plus, see first-hand the statistics that prove FSBO homes typically sell for at least 13% more with the help of an Agent compared to when going it alone.